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Dinette no Chairs


  • Dinette no Chairs

    *NEW* 29.75'' H x 46.5'' L x 46.5'' W Dark Wood Round Top Table with Angled Legs. Dark Wood Legs. Flared Out pedestal Base. VESTA GROUP DINING TABLE
    $260.00 save 85%
  • Dinette no Chairs

    42(R) x 30h Medium Wood Round Top Dining Table with Formica Top. Angled Spindle Legs. scalloped skirt. GC D
    Original Price: $99.99
  • Dinette no Chairs

    37(R) x 29h Dark Rattan Frame Dinette with Glass top. Tigers oak top. rope Like wicker trim. curved legs. gc
  • Dinette no Chairs

    40(R) x 30h Round Glass Top Dinette Table with Silver Chrome Pedestal Base. angled Legs. GC