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Wall Decor


  • Bassett Mirror Mirror Lg 8.1-12'

    38" Lena Accent Wall Mirror Gold Frame W/ Leaf Design
    Original Price: $199.99 save 20%
    $400.00 save 60%
  • Bassett Print AA Lg 8.1-12'

    42"-H X 49"-W Abstract Lion Print W/ Black Matting W/ Wide Brown Frame
  • Birch Lane Mirror Med 6.1- 8'

    NEW! 36"-H X 26"-W Henry Mirror Beveled Mirror W/ Framed Beveled Mirror Hangs Both Ways
    Original Price: $124.99 save 20%
    $249.00 save 60%
  • Bombay Mirror Lg 8.1-12'

    39"-H X 33"-W Beveled Mirror W/ Gold Inlay Frame & Small Beveled Mirrors Around Center Mirror W/ Gold Leaf Frame
    Original Price: $74.99
  • Brioni Wall Decor Misc

    45"-H X 51.5"-W Brioni Wall Decor With 3 Clay Pots Pink & Green On Pink & Cream Background W/ Taupe Matting With Natural Oak Frame (Frame is Like a Shadowbox 3.25" Wide)
  • Canvas Print Me 6.1-8'

    26"-H X 38"-W Red, Orange & Yellow Daisy's in Terra Cotta Pots on Canvas W/ Dark Brown Frame
  • Canvas Print Lg 8.1-12'

    28.5"-H X 40.5"-W Brown Woven Basket W/ Fruit & Leaves on Fold Canvas W/ Black Frame
    Original Price: $49.99
  • Canvas Print Lg 8.1-12'

    36"-H X 32"-W "My Daughter Elizabeth" By Frank W. Benson 1862-1951 on Canvas W/ Ivory Gold Frame W/ Black Edging
  • Canvas Print Lg 8.1-12'

    25"-H X 37"-W Scenic Venezuela City Canvas Print W/ Dark Brown Frame